The Best Electric Bikes
Under £1000 in 2024

Our Selection of the 10 Best e-Bikes in the UK for Under £1000 to Buy Online

The Cyclescheme incentive on electric bikes allows you to save up to 39%

Save 25-39% on e-bikes with Cyclescheme, the Cycle to Work Scheme on the total cost of a green means of transport, useful for dealing with city traffic and with zero environmental impact.

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The initiative aims to: encourage the purchase of e-bikes and any predominantly electric propulsion device to decongest urban traffic

Cycle to Work

An employer can provide staff with an electric bike tax-free at approximately half the retail price and at no cost to the company

Free of Charges

Completely free of charge service to employers and their employees and include secure access to a scheme management

Open to All

Any employer, of any size, across the public, private and voluntary sectors can run a Cycle to Work scheme but does not include people who are self-employed

Buying an Electric Bike Under £1000 Pay-Monthly is Simple

Spread out the entire cost of the Electric Bike into manageable installments, providing you with the flexibility to budget effectively. With this plan, the first installment is deducted at the time of shipment, ensuring you can get your hands on your new e-bike without delay. Subsequent installments are then due every 30 days thereafter, allowing you to spread the remaining cost over time.

It's important to note that this installment option allows for the purchase of only one e-bike at a time, unless you choose to pay off all installments in a single lump sum. This ensures simplicity and clarity in your payment plan, making it easy to track and manage your finances while enjoying the benefits of your new electric bicycle.

Ride a New e-Bike

Allows you to ride a new ebike, planning the investment in advance

Zero All

Zero costs, zero interest: your purchase is deferred in small amounts at no additional cost

Immediate Result

Don't waste a second: the result is in real time!

No Paycheck

A paycheck or any other document is not required. All you need is your credit card

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Why buy an electric bike for under £1000?

Electric bikes offer a compelling alternative to conventional modes of transportation, providing a cost-effective solution that rivals that of mopeds. Not only are electric bikes more affordable to produce initially, but they also boast significantly lower operational costs, particularly when it comes to charging the battery.

When compared to traditional mopeds, electric bikes present a more economical choice both upfront and in the long run. The initial investment in an electric bike is often lower, making it accessible to a wider range of individuals seeking convenient and sustainable transportation options. Additionally, the ongoing costs associated with charging the bike's battery are minimal, offering considerable savings over time compared to fuel expenses typically incurred by mopeds.

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Electric bikes: the 10 best-selling models on the web at low prices

Below we offer you an overview of the best electric road bikes, electric MTBs, electric city bikes, folding e-bikes, etc. You will find the pros and cons of each type of bike.

i-bike I-fold, one of the most popular folding electric bikes

The I-Fold bike produced by i-Bike is one of the most loved pedal assist bikes on the web. Very simple and well built.

Its features:

  • Black steel frame and 20″ wheels
  • 200 Watt brushless rear motor with 3 levels of assistance
  • Lithium battery 36V - 8Ah equal to 288Wh, 6h recharge and 6-magnet sensor
  • Single change, weight 24Kg, capacity 120Kg
  • Autonomy 30Km and slopes can be overcome up to 10°
i-bike I-fold

Biwbik Traveler, agile and solid folding e-bike for the city

The new folding bike model Traveler from Spain's Biwbik is one of the best bikes in the house, a good compromise between quality and price. It has an aluminum frame (not all of them have it at this price) and a 250W and 36V motor with battery that provides a good range (the house claims up to 75 km). With 20" wheels, you don't go on trips and vacations, but tackle the city and some light off-road with ease.

Here are its features:

  • 3 assisted pedaling modes
  • EN15194 certification
  • Brushless motor of 250W 36V
  • Wheels 20" x 1.95"
  • Front led light
  • Shimano 6 speed gearbox
  • Handlebar height adjustable handlebar
  • 36V 12Ah Li-ion battery
  • Autonomy 40-75km
  • Front & rear disc brakes
  • Weight 21kg with battery included
Biwbik Traveler

Lankeleisi T750 Plus Electric Bike

Getting around with this e-bike is not at all tiring. It has a 48V 10Ah removable waterproof lithium battery that recharges in about 5-8 hours. The range is 30 - 50km in fully electric mode, 60-100 km in pedal assist mode.

The bike is equipped with a 3.5 inch LCD display, which allows you to easily check the speed, battery level, mileage. Adopt Shimano 27-speed speed control system.

Lankeleisi T750 Plus

NCM Milano Electric Bicycle

The very low upper tube allows you to get on and off easily and makes it an ideal bicycle for everyday use, while the oversized lower tube improves the overall strength of the frame.

The battery is integrated into the down tube, keeping the weight low and centered and thus making a more stable ride. On a single charge, it can travel up to 130km (in eco mode). The built-in USB port comes in handy when your smart devices need to be recharged on the go.

NCM Milano Electric Bicycle

Speedrid Mountain Bike: foldable, versatile and with Brushless motor

A sturdy carbon fork and Aadopts rear suspension with high shock absorption absorb shocks along the way. Front and rear mechanical disc brake and professional 21-speed transmission. Perfect climbing ability. The bike is carefully checked before leaving the factory for the small part and guarantee the quality, please feel free to use it.

A city bike with a 36V 8Ah lithium-ion front battery and a robust 250W motor can reach a range of 15 to 30km at a maximum speed of 15km/h. Many for a day of adventure or most of the round trips.

Speedrid Mountain Bike

Windgoo Electric Bike: foldable, light and without pedals

Good quality design, electric bike adopts aluminum alloy, aluminum double damping wheel. The folding electric bike is super light and space saving, wherever you go, you can carry it easily.

Lithium battery, 36V/4.4AH lithium battery uses an import of LG cells, it is possible to climb up to a maximum speed of 30km/h. The fast loading system takes only about 3 hours.

Windgoo Electric Bike

Nilox 2 Plus

With the Nilox 2 Plus pedal assist bike you can really go anywhere. One of the cheapest models ever, it has an excellent value for money. Small, compact and foldable, it has an integrated 36V battery that allows a range of 25km and recharges to 100% in just two hours: this detail is particularly interesting for when you are in a hurry! The 16-inch wheels make it suitable even on dirt roads. It comes supplied with a front LED light, a safety lock and a UK plug adapter so you can recharge it anywhere. And it is also highly technological: through bluetooth you can in fact connect it to its app that allows you to monitor all travel data and also the performance of the bicycle itself. In short, a real gem at an affordable price.

Nilox 2 Plus


Produced and sold by the Decathlon sports goods chain, the small Tilt 500 E interprets the concept of folding e-bike in a low-cost key, without giving up all the elements that make this vehicle one of the most popular for those who travel to the city. The 250W 26Nm brushless motor with pedaling sensor is mounted in the rear hub, paired with a 6-speed Shimano gearbox. The wheels are 20 inches, the brakes of the normal V-brakes. The battery, inserted in the frame, is guaranteed for 500 charging cycles and has a declared range of 35km in Eco mode, 25km in Normal mode, 20km in Sport mode. The battery can also be disassembled and charged separately. Weight: 18.6 kg.

B'Twin Tilt 500 E

eMTB E-ST100 Decathlon

They are different models of Decathlon e-mtb. Decathlon's cheapest eMTB is the Decathlon E-ST100. This is the basic model that has 27.5-inch wheels and is available for both men and women and in different sizes depending on the user's height.

The Decathlon E-ST100 electric mountain bike is equipped with a 380Wh battery combined with a motor located in the rear hub that develops 42Nm at 250W of power. The frame is completely in aluminum and the weight does not exceed 23 kg.

eMTB E-ST100 Decathlon

Xiaomi Qicycle EF1

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has entered Europe with a lot of strength, and continues to launch all kinds of devices on the market: mobile phones, electric scooters, robot vacuum cleaners and a long etcetera, offering great quality products at bargain prices.

The Qicycle EF1 is the electric bicycle they sell in Europe. And it's not just another electric bike, as for example, it has a 250W motor located in and in the front wheel and has a torque sensor that automatically adjusts the power assistance as needed.

Xiaomi Qicycle EF1

In Conclusion

Buying an electric bike today is much safer than a few years ago: the improvement of its electrical components has been phenomenal, and today it can be a competitor of purely mechanical avant-garde models. Thanks to the great demand for the model, its price has also dropped significantly, and it is possible to buy one for much less than £1000.

More than in mechanical models, it is necessary to pay attention to the brand that produces them: the electrical components, such as the battery, the motor, the control unit and the wires, are extremely fragile, so it is worth spending a hundred pounds more to buy a valid product built by experienced mechanics.

In addition to the quality, buying from a well-known brand is also essential for spare parts: if you buy from an unknown brand, at the first break you risk not finding the replacement component, sometimes forcing the cyclist to throw away the entire bike if the part was essential.

Also pay attention to the sale of second-hand electric bikes, since it is not possible to read the remaining life of the battery, and you risk buying a used bike and buying a new battery after a few months, which is almost never cheap.

Another point of consideration is on the care of the bike: it is not advisable to leave it outside, always try to keep it sheltered from the elements, as the electric wires could short-circuit the system, obviously in the event of their breakage, or due to severe thunderstorms. Maintenance of the electric bike is more than necessary, and should be done periodically.

Before purchasing, also check if your city offers charging points for electric bikes, perhaps near work, at the gym or in other places you often frequent: the main risk is to run out of battery, thus forcing the cyclist to pedal without help.

However, let us remember that before being electric, it is a bike: a dispassionate advice we want to give you is not to get too used to pedal assistance, but to enjoy the path pedaling alone, therefore using the help of the motor only when necessary, or when you don't feel like pedaling alone.

The difference between a motorcycle and a bike is precisely the pedaling, which must remain the fundamental factor for the cyclist, whether he uses the bike to go to work or to enjoy a mountain excursion.